Introducing Spundge’s Search Engine: Taking You beyond Your Own Content


Good news! We have released a new experience that will change the way you discover and consume content in Spundge.

Spundge hosts a vast amount of content, carefully curated by tens of thousands of experts. You can now tap into this ocean of brain-picked content with Spundge’s Search Engine.

Spundge’s Search Engine is fast and powerful. It groups results in three categories:

  • Saved items: find the best items saved into Spundge Notebooks — they’ve been already filtered and organized, so you get the Crème de la crème of content in a couple of clicks.
  • Notebooks: find the best collections of content, and follow them to get targeted updates on your fields of expertise.
  • Users: Spundge’s Search Engine is capable of matching Users with Content. That’s right: Spundge understands your interests and lets other users find you in the right context — that’s where exposure is the most valuable after all.

Why is this so useful?

You are not alone in the Content universe. With Spundge you can now find other users creating and curating great content on your passions and topics of expertise. Follow and explore their Notebooks, and invite them to contribute to some of your Notebooks.

Spundge’s Search Engine acts as a bridge, letting you discover the best content and connect with top experts. See it in action:


  • Once you have search results for a query, you can copy the URL and send it to your collaborators so they can see the same results.
  • Click the Search Icon in a Notebook’s Saved Items page and quickly find items that you curated in the past. This is particularly useful for Notebooks with many items.
  • Be ready to be discovered. Update your Spundge profile and let others find you in the right context.

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