Spundge’s Roundup: Top 5 Influencers to Watch in 2015

In 2014, we sailed on a quest to find relevant content and help our users improve their content strategies. We covered topics such as; storytelling techniques, content curation, content marketing and content monetization. We also explored visual content and its role in making content creation successful.

With the same mission in mind, and before the year ends, we have put together a list of who we consider are the top 5 essential influencers to follow in the coming year. Each of them represent the best in the following 5 categories:

  • Content Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Visual Content
  • Content Curation
  • Content Monetization

The first pick on our list of influencers to watch in 2015 is known for increasing the effectiveness of Content Marketing efforts:



Barry‘s content is focused on solving common issues that writers face.  He shares ways to make your content marketing efforts more effective, and provides time-saving measures, quick tips and easy-to-follow advice that’s accessible to large audiences.

You will find many of his articles in our Content 101 Notebook. Here are a couple of favourites that we’d love to share with you:

Follow Barry Feldman on Twitter and find his blog here.

Our second top influencer to watch in 2015 knows how to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. His articles on Storytelling are extremely useful — and great stories of their own…

Jonathan Crossfield


We found Jonathan‘s content usually goes beyond the typical marketing “blurb-oriented” material. Instead, he creates narratives around Social Media, Content Marketing and other content-related topics, following the infallible structure of storytelling: Exposition – Rising Action – Climax – Falling Action – Dénouement.

We are looking forward to see what stories he will be telling in 2015.

Find many of his articles in this Storytelling Notebook, and follow him on Twitter:

Our third influencer is renowned for consistently communicating the importance of Visual Content and engaging your audience with beautiful and compelling images:



From daily visual content tips to product reviews, she is an indispensable resource. Donna encourages the use of visuals in social media and content strategies, which results in greater reach and engagement. She also reviews affordable visual tools that her followers can use in their social media posts or when creating original content.

Read one of Donna’s great articles:

Discover more of her great content in our Notebooks covering Videos, Snackable Content and Visual Content, and follow her on Twitter.

Distilling and sharing other people’s content is an essential part of successful content strategies, but only the top content professionals know the set of guidelines that ought to be followed to successfully use third-party content.

The next influencer in our list is an expert in the rules of Content Curation:



Heidi has written many posts on Content Curation. You can find many of them in our Notebook dedicated to the topic. What makes Heidi’s posts unique is her thorough understanding of how this practice works and how it can be used to boost your content strategy. Whether you are an individual professional or work within a larger organization, her advice applies to you. So read, learn and curate!

Here’s what we consider one of her best pieces. The fun doesn’t stop at the article! Make sure you read the comments section:

Follow Heidi on Twitter and start curating content like a pro!

The next influencer to watch in 2015 is someone who has written many articles on Monetization and on how to start earning a profit with content beyond the traditional blogging-affiliation way:



Kristi publishes interesting articles on how to generate revenue from platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. Kristi is a great resource: she will save you time and point you in the right direction when it comes to monetization.

You can find a selection of her articles curated in our Content Monetization Notebook. Follow her on Twitter.

Have you been following these influencers this year? Tell us what you’ve learned by tweeting, posting on Facebook or our Google + and LinkedIn communities.  Use the hashtag  #influencers2015.

Happy Holidays from the Spundge Team!


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